You've heard of speed dating and online dating. This book is the perfect companion to either

of those. When we are dating there can be uncomfortable moments where we feel stuck and

don't know what to say. All the questions we had pictured in our minds we would ask, suddenly

go out the window when that person is sitting in front of us. Why not make our lives easier and

get a little help? That is just what this book does, it helps give us a little boost in our

confidence, knowing we have a guide to assist us in our journey. If we ever want that fairytale

marriage we have dreamed about since we were kids, it starts with building a good foundation.

That is just what “111 Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Married”, does, it helps

build that foundation that a relationship and marriage can grow strong upon. You have

absolutely nothing to lose with this guidebook. The book is a companion for the more in-depth

relationship book titled, “Common Sense is Not That Common!”


This book is great for:

  • Bachelorette Parties
  • A Girl’s only weekend in Vegas
  • Speed Dating
  • Online Dating
  • Anybody looking for love and a meaningful relationship

Both of these books are available for sale on Amazon.com at a very affordable price, after all,

you could be gaining a life partner, and how much is that worth to you?


Common Sense is Not So Common: 25 Things to Think about Before You Get Married

111 Questions You Should Ask Before You Get Married!


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